Short Story.

Hi, my name is Amie Phipps! I am a Senior Web Application Developer at TWG, and dog lover (so much so I used operate a dog walking business!).

Looking for a website? Want to collaborate? I love working on new projects and new ideas! Send me a message!

Long Story.

Hi! My name is Amie Phipps. I am a web developer and mentor with a passion for clean and scalable code. Based out of Toronto, Canada, I work at TWG as a Senior Web Application Developer, and mentor for part time courses at Juno College of Technology. I am very motivated to help those new to web development excel and inspire them to reach their coding goals.

I love coding beautiful websites that are intuitive, interactive and fun to navigate. An early background in analytics and programming as a GIS/Data Analyst has allowed me to easily understand how important it is to use clean semantic code when developing websites.

Outside of tech, I love traveling, hiking and biking. As well as going for runs with my dog Meisje.

Would you like to chat? So would I! Send me an email, and lets get working on something!